Home Decorating Ideas For A Limited Budget

Do you have big dreams but only a small home decorating budget? Are you planning a major change or just wanting to update or freshen the look of a room with simple, inexpensive home décor? These are questions you might want to start with to focus on your intention for redecorating a room. Here are home decorating ideas from the experts to get you started on that home decorating project that you have been thinking about for some time.

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7 Tips To Make Your House Look Better And Cost More

Do you think that making a house look better takes a lot of time and effort? Do you believe in the high costs of increasing your home’s value in eyes of a potential buyer? We won’t say you are wrong. Making a house look good is a mixture of smart effort and skillful manipulating the budget. Changes are indeed good but you don’t need all of them. With our tips you won’t have to turn your house upside down to increase its value and appeal!

1. Invite a critic

You may be aware of what is wrong with your house, but trust us – nobody points the ugly things out better than an outsider. To make the changes effective, you have to know where to start. You need to see all the spots that demand fixes. Invite a friend of a family member and let them look around. Over the years of living in the same place you got used to all the things that are ugly or impractical. You don’t pay attention to them anymore. A person coming from the outside has a fresh and critical approach. It is easier for them to point at all the things that needs fixing. You would probably omit them.

2. Start at the doorstep

We usually first notice somebody’s outward appearance. The same way the first impression of our house is the facade and the door. It is a good idea to start here and fix everything that puts off a person closing up. Change the door or repaint it, place a new knob, put in order whatever plants grow along the way to the house. Make sure everything is neat, that the walls are clean and the door doesn’t creak when opened. Check if nothing grows between the pavement tiles and that the doormat is clean. The first impression is vital – for you and for the others.

3. Buy a lot of paint and use it

Do you know what else is noticed instantly after entering a house? Walls. Clean, freshly painted walls will make up even for a bit old furniture. The cheapest and quickest way to tart the room up is to refresh the wall paint. A bucket of a paint isn’t this expensive and it makes a huge difference. Remember to pick neutral colours: bright or pastel hues, beiges, whites and gentle yellows. Strong and intensive colors such as red or orange tend to tire quickly.

4. Repair whatever needs repairing

Usually the value of the house drops because of the leaking taps, clogged pipes or ventilation issues. Before you start renovating, search for every problem that can be fixed at low cost. It is mandatory to ensure that every tap works perfectly, that the pipes don’t smell and there is no mold on the bathroom tiles. It is often as simple as removing signs of everyday life in the house and bringing the appliances to the state of nearly new.

5. Create a lot of space

A few spacious, bright rooms usually look better than tens of tiny and dark ones. If you are not sure which walls in your house are load-bearing, consult an architect. Then bring down a few that can be removed. Half-open kitchens or kitchen islands are often a waste of space and serve no purpose. By knocking down a few walls or removing part of the interior features you can create an impression of space. If you connect it with bright, light-coloured walls you will achieve a breath-taking effect.

6. Refresh kitchen and bathroom

These two places in your home usually demand fixing or refreshing most. Luckily, you don’t have to renovate them from top to bottom to improve their looks. Search for things that are the oldest and dirtiest. These are items used every single day multiple times. Replacing them with new ones is a cheap way to achieve a great, positive change.

7. Invest into landscaping

A welcoming front yard, driveway or a garden makes a huge difference in the general look of a home. Make sure the lawn is mowed, there are no fallen leaves or unaesthetic weed.

Redesigning your planters or changing the garden furniture can create a new look for this part of your property and increase its value. Just as you worked on your front door, work on the garden. Verdant and elegant, it can be a real decoration for your house. Don’t forget that exterior is as important as interior!

Renting Versus Owning Residential Real Estate

Rent? Buy? You’re up against one of the most important questions of your love. Superior Mortgage knows your struggle and we’ve got a special guest for today’s blog to help work out the issues point by point. Thanks to Kevin McConnell for this great piece on a difficult question. 

Ah, the joys of renting your first apartment. You’ve finally moved out of your parents’ house, and you’re feeling pretty great because you’re finally on your own for the first time. No more having to tell your parents where you’re going, where you’ve been, etc. You can come and go as you please! However, when do you reach a point where you decide that you no longer want to live in an apartment?

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Rotten Realtors And Other Mortgage Horror Stories

What’s worse than being behind on your mortgage? Being kicked while you’re down ! We’ve searched far and wide for the most rotten realtor and mortgage horror stories to shock and scare you in today’s Superior Mortgage article. We’ve had plenty of help, too. Thanks to Charles Wick who is a self-described “mortgage horror story collector” for compiling today’s worst of the worst. Now Charles is also a great negotiator and talked us into a sincere shout out for his services since scary housing stories are just his hobby. If you’re even in the Middle Tennessee area and looking for a qualified and experienced commercial realtor check Charles out here.

In the middle of the great recession, you were hard pressed to find any part of America without loads of foreclosures. The underlying idea of course is that any foreclosure is its own horror story. Did you know that beyond that some folks had it even worse than your traditional and terrible foreclosure? I’ve looked far and wide to collect the worst of the worst when it came to mortgage horror stories. The recession was a nightmare for renters and home owners alike. Let’s get into the torrid tales of terrible timing, mistakes and otherwise horrible mortgage experiences.
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A Brief History Of Mortgages

Hello friend! If you’re looking for the history of mortgages as we currently experience them here in America you’ve found a great place. Superior Mortgage is happy to begin blogging here with out first post focused on just how we got here in the mortgage industry today. Did you know the first mortgage was on the manger Christ was born in? Just kidding! Below you’ll find a brief history on mortgages and we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

Even though the current version of a mortgage that we know today has only been around since the 1930s the concept of what a mortgage is has existed in the minds of people for a far larger length of time.

We can begin this foray into the history of the mortgage by looking at the word itself and the meaning it initially had. The two words that make up “mortgage” have Latin roots.  ‘Gage’ is commonly know to mean ‘pledge’ in Latin. ‘Mort’ is definitely ‘death’ in the same language. When you put those together you would think that mortgage means “a death pledge.”

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